Download Chess Titans

So, you're looking for a way to play this fun chess game against your computer, but you don't have it installed...

That's why we created this special page to help you find a solution to this nagging problem.


Chess Titans is a fully animated chess game included with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Home Premium, Business/Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions).


Chess Titans was developed by Oberon Games and makes use of Windows Aero technology for rendering its glass-like 3D board and pieces. This is part of what makes it a "premium game" available only with the above Windows editions.


If you have one of the aforementioned Windows operating system softwares, and yet the game still doesn't appear in your Start menu, you may just need to turn on Windows Games.

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If you're looking for a chess program for Windows XP, the inexpensive ChessMaster 10th Edition may be just the thing.

ChessMaster 10 - Windows XP